Build sophisticated web and mobile applications without coding.

How it Works

10 minutes from start to deployed app.

Custom Models

Unlike basic website builders, QuickDev allows you to build sophisticated applications through defining your own custom models, and build amazing functionality on top of your models.

Lego for Software

Drag and drop extremely powerful components to build your application. Components are pieces of software that are pre-written for you, saving you a lot of time from re-creating functionality.

Export to Multiple Platforms

Create a whole ecosystem by easily exporting your application into web, iOS, Android, Windows 10, and MacOS apps. You no longer need to code separately for each platform.

Powerful Layout

Drag & drop page layout gives you precise control where components go. Let us auto-deploy one layout to multiple platforms, or customize each platform's layout to your liking.

No Server Setup

We'll host your website for you, so you won't need to worry about purchasing servers. Even if you're making a mobile app, all the server-side database and API services are taken care of for you.

No Coding Required

You won't need to be a programmer to use QuickDev. Yet with QuickDev you'll be able to make apps just as sophisticated as those from the professionals.

Hours Saved
Dollars Saved

QuickDev was created to save you time.

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